Holding a growing body of work made in response to the landscapes and themes that frame, intersect and sustain the city of Exeter.


TOPOS is a studio, exhibition and event space initiated by Exeter based artist Volkhardt Müller. Established in 2015 it has worked with arts, cultural and educational organisations across the city to host a lively series of art sharings, discussions and participatory events.

This website will provide ongoing insights into activities around the space. Please contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list, volunteer your time and expertise by participating in some of the artwork, or help with co-hosting some of the events.


Recent News

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Uniformagazine on Broadcasts

Watch out for the latest Edition of Uniformagazine, it will feature a piece about Broadcasts from th[...]
Broadcasts from the Edge of the  Horizon - The Beacon

Broadcasts from the Edge of the Horizon - The Beacon

As modern transport and communication continue to erode our sense of the in-between, how does this e[...]
Art Week Exeter at TOPOS

Art Week Exeter at TOPOS

It's been a very busy Art Week Exeter throughout the City, but also at TOPOS. Our double exhibition [...]