Holding a growing body of work made in response to the landscapes and themes that frame, intersect and sustain the city of Exeter.


TOPOS is a studio, exhibition and event space initiated by Exeter based artist Volkhardt Müller.

During 2015 TOPOS has hosted 3 artists residencies, held public work-in-progress showings and discussion events, and staged an exhibition of new work in tandem with Double Elephant's Redefining Print symposium. An exhibition of work made through these activities is open to the public in the TOPOS studio Thurs-Sun, 6th-28th February 2016. Check the events page for more details.

This website will provide ongoing insights into activities around the space. Please contact us if you would like to be on the mailing list, volunteer your time and expertise by participating in some of the artwork, or help with co-hosting some of the events.


Recent News

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Redefining Print - The Films

Being not just a project partner on Redefining Print but also one of the commissioned artists I prod[...]
Print City - TOPOS & Redefining Print

Print City - TOPOS & Redefining Print

On November 19th Double Elephant hosted the Redefining Print Symposium with delegates from acros[...]
Eclipses - Working with Dawn Scarfe 

Eclipses - Working with Dawn Scarfe 

Whilst I have always stressed the importance of not forcing an outcome  during the artist residencie[...]